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How to report a Post

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How to report a Post

Forums eventually grow to having thousands of Posts and Topics. As such, it’s unrealistic to think that the moderators view every post. Consequently, if you spot something that’s unacceptable in a post then please report it.

Unacceptable content might be:

    Adult content
    Copyrighted material
    Aggressive arguments between several members
    Content that can reasonably be viewed as harassing or threatening.
    Content that violates or encourages anyone else to violate any law.
    Contect that is is libelous or defamatory.
    Content that is discriminatory based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.
    Content that breaks Forum Rules

A post can also be reported if there's something that needs amending and can't be edited because it's now locked. Or a topic could have been posted in the wrong section.

How to Report a Post

Locate the post in question. In the bottom right hand corner of the post there will be a link entitled “Report post to moderator” (see image below):

After you click on the link a text box will appear where you can write some details about the issue. Once done click on the Submit button and a moderator or adminsitrator will be alerted. Once the post has been reviewed appropriate action will be taken if applicable.

Please note that the identity of members who report posts is not revealed to other members when we investigate reports. Their identity is kept secret. Usually we will send you a personal message giving you an update if possible.

Reporting posts is appreciated. It may sound a little laim but it helps us to make the forum a better place for the vast majority of members.

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