How to insert Images into Posts

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How to insert Images into Posts

There are 3 main ways in which images can be added to posts:

    1. Embed images from your uploaded pictures in the Photos Gallery (recommended option)
    2. Attachments
    3. Embed images from an external source (not recommended)

1. Embed from Photos Gallery

Go to the Photos Gallery

Simply find your photo and click on it so that it fills the page.

Then scroll down and you'll see some bbcode links. Click on the "Copy" button to the right of the link (see below):

Now back to the forum........

Once you have copied that link you need to paste it into your forum post.

Compose your post and at the appropriate point paste the link on a new line and ensure that there are blank lines both above and below the link. You do not need to surround the link in any additional code, the img tags in the copied code will suffice.


Thats it !

Now save your post by clicking on the "Post" button (bottom right) and your Photo Gallery image will automatically appear in your post.

Also see:   How to add Images to the Photo Gallery

2. Attachments

Note that "attachments" are really for non-image type files like pdf's and documents. You should really use the Photos Gallery for images. However you can upload small images this way but it's not recommended.

When you “attach” an image to a post you are basically uploading an image that you have on your computer/device to the forum. Once uploaded, that image automatically gets linked to the post you are composing and it appears as a “thumbnail” beneath the post.

How do I do this….

When you are composing your post you’ll see a “Choose File” button beneath the composition window. Click on the button and browse to the image on your computer or device.  However note any restrictions around maximum file size which is mentioned beneath the button (see below).

Once the file is selected it’s name will appear. Click on the “more attachments” button if you wish to add additional files. Use the “Clear Attachment” button if you picked the wrong file and wish to choose another (see below).

That’s it.

Now ensure you’ve finished the text of your post and when happy click on the “Post” button to submit the post. Once you hit the button your file will begin to upload. Obviously if it is a large file and you are on a slow connection then it may take a few seconds.

When you view the post the attachment will appear beneath it as a “thumbnail” (see example below). If you click on the thumbnail in your post the image will expand accordingly.

Tip: If you have lots of images and they exceed the total size restriction, then post what you can and then repeat immediately with a subsequent post.

3. Embed from External Source

Essentially the process here is exactly the same as in (1) above, the only difference being is that you are obtaining the url for the image from an external source.

Please try to use sources that use HTTPS otherwise some users will see "insecure" errors in their browser when viewing those images (because we are a secure "https" enabled site").

Only certain external sources are allowed:


You must use https links for your embedded images.

The following are not permitted:


Why are some sites not permitted?

In July 2017 Photobucket caused chaos on web forums by not allowing direct links for forums unless photo owners took expensive paid accounts. That caused an enormous number of online photos to disappear.

We don't want something similar to happen on this forum and in our opinion the non-permitted sites do not have the required infrastructure or setup to guarantee and ensure longevity of posted images.

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